Pursue God’s purpose with all your heart

Last night I had the opportunity to watch this movie again at KICC The King’s Place, Dansoman. A movie I’ve watched several times, but last night I saw it another way. And I want to say thank you Daddy, Tom Bright-Davies, for the opportunity to see this. I love you Daddy.

This movie was produced by Pure Flix and directed by Bruce MacDonald.

You may have read it from the Bible or watched it, but I want to ask, “what happened to you after reading or watching?”

I will tell you what I saw yesterday. This is a very inspiring story as well as an instructive one to all, whether young or old.

efore Samson was born, an angel of the Lord appeared to his mother, giving instructions on how she should live and what manner of person Samson should be. HIS MISSION; TO BEGIN TO DELIVER ISRAEL OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE PHILISTINES.


Reading Judges chapter 13-16, you will come face to face with the reality of life most of us live. Samson had a mission. God had a wonderful plan for him. But in all that Samson was doing, you only see an anointed man pursuing a personal ambition. His ambition lead him into a tragic marriage, which later he finds himself at the point of dying and seeking revenge. It does appear God granted his last request which brought hope to his people.

Good is not Always God’s Will

I have been on this road before, thinking, oh, it’s good. All is fine. God is okay. At least I’m doing something good. What can be wrong with that?

There’s everything wrong with it my friend, because, If it’s not God, then it’s not. You can’t pursue your own ambition and deceive yourself because it’s a good idea then God supports you. You might be destroying, rather than building. WATCH IT!

Is this what God wants?

I just want you to take a second look at your life and ask, “is this what God wants? Am I walking in His Will? Is this the plan?” We’ve got to get in line. Know God’s plan and purpose for your life and pursue it WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

Before his death Samson, “And Samson called unto the Lord God, remember me, I pray You, and strengthen me, I pray You, only this once, O God, that I may be at once AVENGED of the Philistines for my two eyes.” (Judges 16:28)

His ambition lead him into a war he created himself by his own hands.

But this is what Jesus Christ said on the night he was arrested, “and he kneeled down and prayed saying, Father, if You be willing, remove this cup from me: NEVERTHELESS NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE, BE DONE. (Luke 22:41-42)
Pursuing the Will of the Father, he gave up his life for you and me. He did what we could not do on our own.

Have you been struggling to please the Lord? You know you’re anointed for something great yet confused about what it is or how you’re to go about it? The best you can do for yourself is go straight to God and find out everything you need to know. Pursue God’s purpose with all your heart. Don’t run off with the gifts given you to pursue a personal ambition. USE WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU TO PURSUE HIS PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE.

Make a Choice Today!

Do you desire to know Christ so that you can begin to live God’s purpose? 
Then this simple prayer should help you start a relationship with Him and bring the change you need to walk in God’s purpose.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I confess that my life is not right before You, but today I embrace Your help because I believe you died on the cross so that I will be free from all lies and enslavements of the enemy. Come into my heart and make me a new person in You. I embrace Your love and give all my love and my life to You. Thank You for saving my soul. Amen!

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a child of God. Hallelujah!

Keep talking to God everyday and don’t forget to read your Bible daily. Find a Bible believing church that can help you find out more about Jesus Christ and join.

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  1. What I get from this is, God has great plans for us but we need to put in the work to manifest them. Thank you for sharing.

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