The Lord Above is Mightier Than The Storms in Your Life

The Word of God is filled with love and hope. The kind of Hope that sets hearts at peace even in the most violent storms. It’s full of everything you need to know about God, and everything He has made. It has instructions for us to follow, advices to keep, warnings to heed and many more to make our lives fruitful and fulfilling. Now let’s Read Psalm 93. It’s heartwarming when you read,

“The Lord is king.
He is clothed with majesty and strength.
The earth is set firmly in place
and cannot be moved.
The Lord rules supreme in heaven,
greater than the roar of the ocean,
more powerful than the waves of the sea.”
Psalm 93:1,4 (GNB)

Psalm 93 gives us the assurance that we’re safe in the hands of God. If the whole world stands firm and unshakable in His hands, then our problems are nothing before Him. This is just one out of many scriptures in the Bible that tells us of the power and Majesty of God.

Some people have been witnesses of the damages the ocean can cause. We have seen or heard people who have become homeless or displaced due to the violent sea; and we know of the hurricanes, the tsunami, the storms and earthquakes, that have caused great lost to the world in life and property. We have identified them as powerful. But the Bible says all these things that we call mighty are nothing compared to the Lord. The Lord is mightier than them all. He made the sea and caused it to be where it is and he created the mountains and is mightier than them.

What I want you to understand is that, no matter the troubles you’re going through today or the chaos and confusion that has enveloped you, know that the Lord is mightier than them all. The Lord is mightier than all your problems. The Lord is mightier than the sickness or disease that is threatening your life or that of a loved one. The interesting thing is that some of us have actually claimed sicknesses as our own such that we identify them when they surface as “my sickness”. It’s not true. That sickness is not yours, and God can help you to be healed and restored if only you will trust Him to. That’s if only you’ll recognize God as bigger than the sickness and allow Him to heal you.

Trust in the Lord. Put all your trust in Him. In the hands of the Lord, the world stands firm and unshakable. Your problem is not different. God is mightier. From time immemorial, His throne still stands. The one true God who knows the raging in your hearts knows every struggle you’ve been through and even the ones you’re going through right now. Turn everything over to the Lord and see His salvation.

What are you going through?
And what are you trusting God to do?

Pray and ask God to lead you each day of your life. Trust Him to protect you and guide you in His peace. And His love and peace will fill your heart and mind and lead you victoriously through life.

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